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This is a Goth-based web comic full of social and philosophical commentary, yet with cute little characters reminiscent of “Peanuts”.? The artist of this strip has given much support and encouragement, so be sure to check it out and form your own opinion.


Secrets Of The Universe

Here’s the story that kicked it off.? Forgive the poor spelling and juvenile humor.? I am working to rewrite this.? Also, forgive the pop-up ads.? I am not going to bother moving this story off the Angelfire server.? It took a lot of work to divide and post the chapters and footnote links and such.? I see no reason to move it until I finish rewriting it. A note of some consequence: both Girdy and Micah wrote parts of this story.

Western Wheel Carols

Explore this epic legend that takes place further west than you have ever been.