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National Rummage Sale

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009 by Admiral_Coeyman

Joel tried but could not keep himself from drawing up this comic. He is trying very hard to keep on task so that monumental task that he has undertaken, that task of writing a western, will eventually reach its natural conclusion. Like Joel, I have had a problem finishing the texts that I start. I am hopeful that this means that I will soon be able to get back to work on the things that I have been trying to write. It would not be an understatement that I have missed writing these small editorials.

This tirade will be here until Joel finishes the next series that he has planned for this space. That means that I have really thought through what I intend to write here. I cannot recall if this is a subject that I have touched on before. My older tirades are on another system that is not currently operational. Most of my editorializing is on my Associated Content page.

Have you seen the ‘National Treasure’ movies? You may have noticed my play on this title in the title of my editorial. What did you think of the treasure in these movies? Is it just me or did the first treasure look like somebody’s yard sale? The treasure from ‘The Mummy’ looked far more impressive than the ‘National Treasure’ which was supposed to be much larger.

The sequel contains an actual treasure: a city made of gold. What is the treasure worth? There is graffiti on the gold blocks that is supposed to unlock a language that one of the characters is supposed to have been reading through most of the movie. It reminded me of a younger Indiana Jones talking about some stones in a museum collecting dust. Does Hollywood have any idea of what the term treasure means?

It is no secret that Hollywood has no concept of real world economics. What kind of people would actually value the junk in the treasure depicted in those movies? Even the one percent finder’s fee that the lead characters in the first movie are supposed to have collected projects to less than some professional athletes make in their careers. If that is a treasure, then I am disappointed. I do not belong to a world that would be interested in any part of the ‘National Treasure.’